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Our Brands

This is the most popular brand of sugar-free chewing gum in Saudi Arabia. It comes in two forms (stripes and tablets), with different delicious flavors, including, mint (peppermint & spearmint), fruits, cinnamon, melon, green apples, and strawberry.

With these sugar-free chewing gum stripes, gum lovers can still enjoy the sweet taste without having to worry about their teeth, health, or diet. They come in four refreshing and strong flavors: peppermint, spearmint, redberry, and mojito.

These multi-flavored chewing gums are sure to refresh one’s senses. Each packet contains 5 stripes and a unique refreshing taste, including strawberry, banana, cardamon, watermelon, pomegranate, lemon, orange, grapes, cherry, as well as the popular Speciamint.

Made from natural mastic resin, these tasty gums come in two forms with two different sizes: 8-piece and 2-piece packets. 

Batook Companies

Batook Company seeks, in its new vision, to increase its investments, as it has become a branch of several independent companies that contribute to achieving the vision, namely:

It is company’s investment arm which is responsible for scaling up the company’s investment and expansion plans in the Saudi market and worldwide.

Is responsible for the traditional trade transactions in the wholesale and retail domains.

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