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Sugar Free Brands


With these sugar-free chewing gum stripes, gum lovers can still enjoy the sweet taste without having to worry about their teeth, health, or diet. They come in four refreshing and strong flavors: peppermint, spearmint, redberry, and mojito.


This is the most popular brand of sugar-free chewing gum in Saudi Arabia. It comes in two forms (stripes and tablets), with different delicious flavors, including, mint (hot & cold), fruits, cinnamon, melon, green apples, and strawberry.

Big Kiss

Another tooth-friendly sugar-free chewing gum which comes in a 12-piece packet, with two refreshing flavors: peppermint and spearmint.

Sugar Brands

Batook 5 Sticks

These multi-flavored chewing gums are sure to refresh one’s senses. Each packet contains 5 stripes and a unique refreshing taste, including strawberry, banana, cardamom, watermelon, pomegranate, lemon, orange, grapes, cherry, as well as the popular Specialmint.


Made from natural mastic resin, these tasty gums come in two forms with two different sizes: 8-piece and 2-piece packets.

Batook Mastic Gum

Each packet contains two regular pieces (with sugar). Their strong tasty mastic flavor is sure to awaken one’s senses.


A small pack of four delicious regular pieces (with sugar). Gum lovers can choose between two pack types: packs with white or multi-color pieces.


A packet of 12 regular pieces (with sugar). It comes with two delicious options: packs with white or multi-color pieces.


With 300 premium pieces, this fine jar is sure to make you smile every time you pick one of its wrapped and multi-flavored pieces. 

World Cars

A fine pack of 5 delicious chewing gum stripes and funny car stickers.

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