What is Batook Blitz

Our story started in 2017
When we started seeking to establish Batook Blitz Company to keep pace with the development of the modern world in the field of distribution to reach our goal, which is to gain and understand the customer’s desire. The company was established to develop innovative methods for managing and operating commercial operations in order to achieve more market penetration and work within a system.
One of our goals is to contribute to creating opportunities for new brands with advantages and high competitiveness in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What We Do

As part of Batook Group’s commitment to drive innovation and embrace latest modern practices, Batook Blitz was established to develop innovative methods for managing and operating business processes, including:

product distribution

Distribution Processes

Product development

The whole product journey - from concept generation to market release and beyond

Pricing strategies

Logistic Warehouse

Place and promotion strategies

Customer experience at the points of purchase

Our History

Batook Blitz was founded in 2017 as a subsidiary company of the 40-year-old Batook Group, the leading chewing gum manufacturer in the Middle East. 

Our vision

To become a leading FMCG distribution company in Saudi Arabia and beyond, by introducing an innovative distribution model that keeps up with today’s fast-paced digital world and ever-changing customer needs and requirements.

Eti success story

Batook Blitz was able to build the famous Eti brand in the sweets industry and spread it in the Saudi market through various sales channels through direct distribution and promotion through direct contact with the consumer through the appropriate plans for each channel.

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